Saturday, March 17, 2018

Who Let Ron Out Chronicle

                                                   Who Let Ron Out!

Welcome to my world of words, stories, music and verbal soul food. Writing is so cathartic to me I wanted a place outside of FB to post my stories, poems, songs and ultraviolet brooding. I’m dancing in a circle that’s new so I think this will give you more jollification as we go along. I say “we” ’cause I’m bringing you with me. As a matter of fuming verity, you’re the reason we are taking this road trip through my overworked heart, unstable imagination, rambling thoughts, and emotionally questionable musings. It’s not an easy task getting people to read in a world of unending visual stimulation.
But as is my  dreamworld fancy, I think and will do all I can to entertain you with mostly writing, I’m going to try to post music videos, pictures, and hopefully the work of the wildly talented people in my life.  So give me some wider edges and I’ll keep busy making this ballroom of mirth as delectable as I can.
Thank you I do want to hear from you, so let me get this underway and I’ll make a space for you to add your voice to the proceedings. Now let’s take a look inside. Have fun!

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